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 "Treat a [sex trafficked victim] as she appears to be, and you make her worse. But treat her as if she were what she potentially could be, and you make her what she should be."  

 --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  


WoolyBalls™ Healing the Soul

 WoolyBalls™ are handmade In the USA by women who have survived physical and emotional trauma, with an emphasis on aiding women and girls who have survived sex trafficking, domestic violence and homelessness. Statistics show, 81% of women have experienced sexual assault and emotional damage with the underbelly of these injustices leading to sex slavery. WoolyBalls™ provide healing through job opportunities with a reliable income for women who are suffering in the face of trauma, poverty and PTSD. Hand-making WoolyBalls™ aid women in rehabilitation, self sufficiency and healing. WoolyBalls™ Empower Women in Need.

WoolyBalls™ Healing the Planet

WoolyBalls™ are an all natural and sustainable solution for dryer sheets and fabric softener. When 8-10 WoolyBalls™ are used at one time, every time, they lessen dry time by 1/3 - 1/2 depending on the size of machine and load. WoolyBalls eliminate plastic packaging waste and toxic dryer sheets from entering the environment and are scented with natural essential oils. WoolyBalls™ are 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic and can be used up to 1500 times.  WoolyBalls™ bring women together to heal themselves and Mother Earth. 

WoolyBalls™ are Spirit. You. Wool.


Wool has been grown and used by humanity for over 10,000 years and symbolizes mercy, kindness and well being. According to spiritual wisdom, wool was a gift from the Creator to mankind for the purpose of warmth, comfort and security. Wool represents the Holy Spirit. WoolyBalls™ are 100% Cradle2Cradle Certified American grown Merino wool and are the "Gucci" of dryer balls. Women working with wool provides them an opportunity to connect with something ingrained in the feminine spirit, an essence and desire to wellness through healing oneself and each other.  

We Empower Women in Need


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We Empower Women in Need